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    Lab Equipment

    – Thermo-Finnigan MAT 253 large radius 10KV gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometer with a 12 Faraday cups covering masses fromĀ  2 to 131 dalton, H2 to SF5+, including two collector assemblies: one with two cups for H2 and HD, the other collector with 10 cups for all other gases. Gas configurations include H2, CO, N2, O2, CO2 (44-49 dalton) SO2, and SF6.


    Thermo-Finnigan MAT 253


    – Laser fluorination vacuum line with a New Wave Research 100 watt CO2 infrared laser for analyses of silicates, oxides, sulfates, and other compounds for oxygen isotopes. The fluorination line is operated in O2 mode when analyzing for all three isotopes of oxygen including 17O, and CO2 mode where O2 is converted to CO2 prior to analysis. Gas generated from 0.4-1.5 mg of material is analyzed in the mass spectrometer dual inlet mode.

    For recently built chromatography-based 17-O applications (not shown here), we pass gas through a series of cryogenic traps and a 6 ft 5A chromatographic column. See Zakharov et al. 2017, Geology, and Bindeman et al. 2018 Nature for details.


    Laser fluorination line


    Continuous flow applications:
    – TC/EA (thermal conversion/elemental analyzer) pyrolysis system with a Costech zero-blank autosampler for hydrogen and oxygen isotope analyses of submicromolar quantities of water in submilligram quantities of hydrous minerals.
    – GasBench II system with an Agilent/CTC GC PAL autosampler for carbon and oxygen isotope analyses of carbonate minerals.


    GasBench II – TC/EA


    – A second high vacuum line for off-line preparation and purification of samples
    – BrF5 distillation apparatus
    – Vacuum oven
    – Microbalance with microgram precision
    – Nikon trinocular microscope and camera for mineral picking
    – Petrographic microscope
    – Reference materials and standard gases

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