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    Current Lab Residents

    Ilya Bindeman – Principal Investigator
    web page

    Dylan Colon – Ph.D. Defended May 2018. “Understanding the origins of Yellowstone hot spot magmas through isotope geochemistry, high-precision geochronology, and magmatic-thermomechanical computer modeling”

    David Zakharov – Ph.D. Candidate, Triple oxygen isotope systematics of rocks and minerals related to 2.4-2.2Ga Snowball earth  episodes

    Michael Hudak, – Ph.D. Candidate, Oxygen and Hydrogen isotopic investigation of volcanic glass during secondary hydration


    Rachel Hampton, (2017-on) Research on Iceland rhyolites


    Jim Palandri – Lab Manager and Research Associate
    web page

    Former Lab Residents

    Matt Loewen – Postdoctoral Scholar 2014-2016, now a Staff Scientist at Alaska Volcano Observatory
    Sara Auer – M.S., 2007
    Dana Drew – M.S., 2013 now ICPMS Lab technician at Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab
    Erwan Martin – Postdoctoral Scholar, 2007-2009, now Maitre de Conferences, Universite de Paris 6 Sorbonne (Paris, France)

    Angela Seligman – Ph.D. 2016 (Oxygen and hydrogen investigation of volcanic rocks: Petrogenesis to paleoclimate), now Staff Scientist at Env Protection Agency, Bismarck, ND

    Joe Workman – Visiting Professor,2014-2015, Dept of Chemistry, Centre College | Danville, KY


    Gary Nolan – M.S., 2012 now happily retired in Monroe, Oregon


    Nicole Shipley – M.S., 2012, now a lab technician/core analyst in San Antonio Texas


    Kathyrn Watts- Ph.D., 2011, now a Staff Scientist at USGS Menlo Park


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